The Basics on Diggers, Bulldozers and Cranes

The Basics on Diggers, Bulldozers and Cranes

Diggers or excavators, bulldozers and cranes are easily the most important and versatile heavy machinery on any construction site. These big tools normally consist of two sections; the house and the undercarriage. The house contains the main boom for the excavator and pulley system for the crane, engine, fuel/hydraulic oil tanks, counterweights and the cabin for the operator. The undercarriage has the wheels, track frame, the tracks, outriggers, drilling, final drives and blade for the dozer.

How Diggers, Bulldozers and Cranes Work

The house and undercarriage of a digger or mobile crane are attached together by way of a center pin. This allows the house to swivel at the axis of the pin in an unhindered slew of 360°. All the functions and movement of diggers, cranes, excavators or bulldozers are mainly accomplished by the application of hydraulic power.

The main boom that attaches to the house can be of several configurations depending on the type and purpose of an excavator or crane. Attached to the main boom of a digger is the dipper arm that provides the basic digging force that pushes or pulls the bucket or other attachment, in the ground.

Applications for Diggers, Bulldozers and Cranes

The digger or excavator majorly performs the task of digging and unearthing huge chunks of any ground that needs to be dug into. It has a powerful hydraulic arm that takes on different attachments at the end to carry out the work at hand. These attachments can be anything from a bucket, which is the most common, to a jack hammer, an auger, a puncher, ripper teeth and so on.

Bulldozers on the other hand have one basic job, and that is to move loads of stuff in and about a construction site. A bulldozer will heave dirt and any other type of debris and deposits over the ground with lots of ease, pushing it along the ground with a scoop-like blade or other attachments fitted on the front of the vehicle.

The work of cranes is to lift things and move them around a construction site. Elaborate pulley systems enable cranes to lift tons of material with ease. A crane can be stationary or mobile, mounted on a vehicle.

Types of Diggers, Cranes and Bulldozers

There are various types of diggers, Cranes and bulldozers available for purchase or hire. Where they differ most is basically in design, size, function and specialty. The function of one digger or bulldozer can be altered by changing the type of attachment that it has on. However, need for strength or power and other capabilities, such as outreach, maneuverability and access will require different types of these machines to suit different situations. Common types of cranes, diggers and bulldozers include;

Self-erecting cranes
Overhead cranes
Long reach diggers
The dragline excavator
Power shovels
Mini Diggers and
Compact Bulldozers